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Shape Up your Arms at Home

One of the most desired features of top celebrities are their incredibly toned arms.  As women, we are always trying to avoid that underarm jiggle that seems to come along with age.  By eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, you can decrease your overall fat content, which will create more toned arms.  […]

Pain vs. Soreness

We have all heard the motto “No Pain, No Gain!”  Though this sounds great for Jane Fonda’s workout videos or for professional athletes, it is not a great motto to follow when you are beginning an exercise program.  It is important to recognize the difference between pain and muscle soreness in order to avoid injury […]

Maximize Your Walk

Many parents of young children find exercise difficult to fit into their busy schedules.  However, many kids enjoy going for walks with their parents.  They do this through all different ages and stages – riding in a stroller or carrier in the early months, walking during the toddler years, and pedaling their bikes alongside as […]

Cardiovascular Training

Cardiovascular training works to improve the cardiac output and lung capacity in order to tolerate greater activity for longer periods of time.  In addition, cardiovascular training typically results in high calorie expenditure, which speeds weight loss.  It is important to participate in cardiovascular training in order to have the stamina to keep up with young […]

Healthy Eating

Got Dairy?

A healthy diet contains daily doses of dairy.  Dairy provides calcium, vitamin D, potassium, protein, and other nutrients needed for good health throughout life. Dairy can carry higher levels of fat which is why choices should be low-fat or fat-free.  Sticking to low-fat or fat-free will better help to cut calories and saturated fat.  So […]

Key Nutrients for Vegetarians

A vegetarian diet can provide ample nutrition as long as you pay attention to what you are consuming. The key is to eat a variety of foods and the right amount of foods to meet your calorie needs.  Nutrients that vegetarians may need to focus on include protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamin B12.  These […]

All Grown Up: The Grilled-Cheese Sandwich

The classic grilled cheese sandwich has a pretty lowly reputation – perched alongside a bowl of tomato soup, it’s an easy, no-fuss meal on a cool fall day.  It’s also a children’s favorite – listed along with chicken nuggets and mac ‘n’ cheese on kids’ menus at most restaurants.  For these reasons, the term “grilled […]

Homemade Baby Food

You want the best for your baby and when it comes to introducing solid foods, you want to be sure that she is getting the right nutrients without all of the added chemicals, pesticides and additives that are in so many of the foods we consume today.  One way to be confident in the food […]

Babies and Pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy

Battling depression during pregnancy is more common than people believe.   Depression affects at least one in ten women at some point during their pregnancy.  For years it was thought that the hormones produced during pregnancy protected women from depression.  It is now believed that the hormonal changes at the start of pregnancy can disrupt brain […]

Strengthen Your Lady Parts

As a first time pregnant mom-to-be, you may be seriously freaking out about how that baby is going to exit your body… what is he going to break/tear/ruin on his way out?  Rest assured that women have been delivering babies for as long as man has been around.  Nature has a way of working this […]

Morning Sickness Cures

The early months of pregnancy are often very exciting, but very uncomfortable.  Typically the worst symptoms of nausea are experienced during the first trimester, peaking at 6 weeks of pregnancy and hopefully ending by 12 weeks.  During those six weeks (or for some, much longer), you might feel as if your days of misery will […]

Preparing For Maternity Leave

Most expectant mothers in the workforce look forward to their upcoming maternity leave.  However, the process is usually much more complex than simply not reporting to work for three months – there is planning and paperwork and preparation involved.  It’s best not to wait until the end of pregnancy to start working out a maternity […]


Building Kindness

Children have an innate sense of kindness that warms our hearts and inspires goodwill.  In order to keep their kind spirits, it is important to recognize their good deeds and provide ample positive reinforcement.  In addition, partaking in good deeds together is a great way to make memories, establish good habits and traditions, as well […]

Photography Tips to Capture Those Moments

You know your kids are the cutest.  You want to better capture their special quirks, smiles and expressions.  Taking kids to a professional portrait studio can be expensive and oftentimes the children are so uncomfortable that it reflects in the photos.  Instead of the adorable munchkins you are hoping to see in the photos, your […]

Whining: How to Handle

When your child reaches the age of 2-5 years, his vocabulary, problem-solving and attention blossoms.  Sometimes you will be amazed at how smart he is or how well he communicates his wants and needs. Other times, you will bang your head against a wall as you listen to him whine!  One of the most frustrating […]

Teaching A Preschooler to Put on Their Own Jacket

When you think about it, putting on a jacket requires a fair amount of coordination and dexterity.  You have to put one arm in, reach around your back, maneuver to find the second arm hole, pull it on, and zip it up.  No wonder this is such a tough skill for little ones to master. […]