Why I’ve been missing…

Hello, lovely readers. I am sorry for not writing recently. I’ve had a few things on my plate! Each incident is probably worth a blog post on its own (well, maybe not every one), but here’s a quick run-down:-

- I’ve secured two new work contracts – FAB stuff from a financial perspective; terrible from a using-up-all-my-previously-spare-time-to-blog perspective!

- Toby had a terrible tummy bug that had him off school for A WHOLE WEEK and still coping with tummy pains TEN DAYS after it started. Poor little man.

- Dylan obviously got jealous of all the attention his twin brother was getting, so smashed his lip at school when he tripped and fell onto a fence. A trip to A&E was necessary.

- Lily got in on the act and erupted two days later in a terrible urticarial rash all over her face when she woke up. Its cause remains a mystery. Thankfully a homeopathic dose of Urtica urens 30c cleared it up by morning snacktime.

- My upstairs toilet started leaking and I had water pouring into my porch. A dear friend shut off the water to it (so we have no working upstairs loo … not until my pay from the abovementioned contracts starts rolling in!) but at least the leak has stopped.

- Dylan decided he didn’t want to stay with his dad last weekend (there’s a whole other story there to tell you one day) so I had to re-arrange work that I’d already re-re-arranged (due to the illnesses and A&E trips) and the rare opportunity of a social event to accommodate him. I did it gladly, of course, but I’m sad that it’s got to this point.

- Just as Toby was feeling better, he rather eagerly ran too fast up the stone steps to the front door and smashed his left eyebrow. A trip to A&E was necessary, plus steri-strips and lots of TLC.

- The window in my bedroom refused to shut. So it’s had to be, quite literally, glued shut until the money comes in for me to fix it! It’s quite unbearable, given this heat.

Injury- Thought things were settling down a bit until today when Toby was obviously missing the drama and ran – headlong – into a wooden pole and got the nastiest cut I’ve ever seen. This time an ambulance took him to A&E where he had three ‘proper’ stitches. I never, ever want to see my child’s face being stitched up again. I didn’t think I was squeamish but it was very difficult. Bless him, though… he LOVED the laughing gas! He wouldn’t let the nurse have it back! Dylan sat through the whole thing, bravely helping, observing and learning. Proud of both of them. Lily, on the other hand, actually gagged when she saw the stitches and covered her eyes for an hour, because she didn’t want to look at it!

So that’s the last month of my life, in a nutshell! It’s been challenging but, as always, there are beautiful moments amongst the difficult ones. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again … I LOVE the ages the kids are at the moment. They are such great company (most of the time) and we work as a little team in these moments of crisis. Having said that, I don’t want to invite anymore trouble for a while! A few weeks without drama or crises or the house falling apart wouldn’t go amiss.

Thank you for bearing with me. I’ll be back to full form soon.


19 Responses to “Why I’ve been missing…”

  1. emilyjane says:

    You are, as always, an amazing and inspiring mummy Xxx

  2. Lovely to know you are still alive :-) Sorry to hear about all your dramas but so pleased for you on the work front. Take it easy xx

  3. Louise says:

    awh that cut does looks nasty – he is very brave! congrats on the work, hope things balance out for you soon. xxx

  4. Happy to hear that you’re all on the mend – finally!! Here’s hoping for a relaxing summer with no stress whatsoever…

  5. Oh my, what a catalogue of stress and worry. It sounds like you’ve had a week to test even the most optimistic and laid back of people-I may well have crumpled fairly early on! Sending you hugs xx

  6. Sam says:

    Omg, a lot to deal with in one week, love your blog but perfectly understandable why you haven’t been on here, good luck with your new contracts, & hope to still see you occasionaly on your blog. Are twins hard work especially with an older child too. My brother & his wife have just had twins this week, a boy & a girl:) Hope you have some calm now & all well, sending a big hug to you xx

    • TLPAdmin says:

      Thanks Sam! Congratulations to your brother and his wife. Twins are wonderful. They are on an exciting adventure now!! x

  7. TK says:

    So sorry to hear about what happened, but hopefully, the worst is behind you. Hope you have a great week ahead! Here from #PoCoLo

  8. Oh my goodness! You poor love, you really have been through the wars – especially Toby! I did wonder if you were ok and sorry I haven’t had the time to check. Am looking forward to seeing you back. Thank you for sharing with PoCoLo x

  9. Heck lots of drama! Lets hope there are no more trips to a&e!


  10. Jaime Oliver says:

    oh my goodness you dont do things by halves! i hope things settle down for you soon! xxxxxx

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