It’s difficult to listen because I’m young

I love you very much and I am chring (trying) verey hard to be good and its riley (really) difaeclt (difficult) to lisen bcause I am yung. xxxxx 


MotherThat’s the beautiful, phonetically accurate letter (complete with numerous spelling mistakes, of course) that Toby left for me on my pillow yesterday evening. (Translation provided!) He keeps a stash of pens and paper by his bed and bought a packet of envelopes with his pocket money last week. He must have been working on it before I told him off for having his light on, after bedtime, and sneaked it into my room later on.

I was delighted and touched by the content. Despite having no particular issue today with his behaviour or listening skills, he was obviously thinking about both of these, after ‘lights-out’. Without wishing to over-inflate its meaning, it shows foresight, reflective abilities and a degree of self-awareness. He has determined what he is aiming for (‘good’ behaviour), has recognised that it is difficult for him to attain and is conscious enough to identify the reason why (he’s still young). He’s also demonstrated the confidence to share his thoughts about it and communicate his feelings. That’s great for a 6 year old!

Those are all great qualities for him to develop and take into adulthood.

I’ve found myself feeling really proud of him for this! I suspect I’ll go a bit easier on him tomorrow. Might even sneak a chocolate bar into his lunchbox. (Sshh! Don’t tell!)


A letter from Toby


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  1. How simply beautiful he is.

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    aww this is such a lovely post, I love the fact he wrote this himself and even bought his own envelops what a thoughtful boy! I think he is super for being only 6 and for being able to write how he feels and also to try and understand why he finds it difficult to always behave!

    Thanks so much for sharing your post via my linky #magicmoments :-) xx

  3. That is so sweet! i love all the spelling mistakes i often with my own son read and re read to get what he is meaning!

    • TLPAdmin says:

      Yup it can be a bit of a labour of love trying to figure out what the words are supposed to mean! Worth it though. :-) x

  4. Aww this is so sweet. Definitely a magic moment x

  5. wendy says:

    aww so sweet xx

  6. This is gorgeous :) not surprised for a second you chose it as a #magicmoment! :)

  7. shahnaz says:

    aaww bless how very sweet x

  8. Oh my, I got all chocked up and teary reading this. What a gorgeous boy he is. I’d sneak the chocolate in there too.

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  10. Awwwww, a very heart melty moment :) The thing I love most about this is how you can decipher how he’s thinking and the qualities he’s displaying, that’s such a lovely quality in itself :) I need your secrets lady, maybe you can give me some profound reasons as to why Bean has to draw on my furniture ;) Lovely xx

    • TLPAdmin says:

      Oh you do make me laugh hun! Hmmm… profound reasons for drawing on furniture… some possibilities 1) lack of accessible paper (suspect you’ve thought of that) 2) gets a great reaction out of you when he does it (mine used to, now they know they’ll be scrubbing it off) 3) it JUST FEELS GOOD to draw on furniture (probably the actual reason) or, most likely (and my favourite) 4) insatiable creative drive. :-) Whatever it is, rest assured, it will pass! THAT is my mantra. Every day since I had the twins and found myself with 3 babies under 18 months I have pretty much been chanting *This too shall pass*. xx

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